Yet another meta post about posting in 100 days to offload

The 100 day writing challenge is fascinating. Some of us are tech wizards. Some are storytellers. Some loves to write reviews. We come in all shapes and sizes and that’s the beauty of it. Some posts can send you down the rabbit hole. Some make you chuckle. Some inspire you to write a piece of your own! Its like a river of thoughts and ideas flowing into the 100 days to offload ocean. Sometimes (dramatic pause) getting that flow going can be tricky.

I had something else to write about today but I saw a similar theme across three blogs participating in this challenge and had to mention it. Jake Bauer didn’t find inspiration in the topics he had chosen to write and instead talked about his day. Hannah Vollmer embraces the unplanned and rolls with the questions to find answers. She finds how sometimes the ideas don’t feel right when you pen them down. Olivier Forget framed it succinctly with how you can write the idea down but can’t capture the inspiration. We all have our struggles in writing. When was wondering about the days when he can’t find anything to write about, he posted a poll asking whether to prolong the 100 days or to post anything for those dry days. I am of the opinion that if it’s stressing you to write everyday just to meet the numbers, don’t do it. Take a break. This ought to be fun.

Drafts are an excellent way to have a list of topics handy when the drought strikes. Indulge in your hobbies; write about it, find something else to do other than your regular stuff; write about it, read a book; write about it, plan what to write for rest of the days; write about it, Do nothing; write about it. Zoom acquired Keybase; write about it. Save these seedlings of thoughts in the drafts - nurture it, water it, starve it, trim it, fatten it and let us savor it when its ripe and ready.

Day 11 - Join me in #100DaysToOffload

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