Writing for self

As I try to write on my blog each day, penning down my thoughts comes with two challenges.

  1. Am I writing this for myself?
  2. Is my writing good enough?

I suppose I am writing for myself. At least I think I am. Occasionally there might be some posts that is aimed at the reader. Writing consistently for an audience is too much a pressure. When I had my blogger account, I wrote a short story that snowballed into something else because I had an audience. One could tell the difference between the first post (which was for myself) and the subsequent ones (demand and supply!). Certainly do not want this experience to turn out like that.

Is it good enough? I don’t know what the metric is here. A grammatically correct sentence is a start. A cohesive paragraph is next. A post that I can enjoy and not cringe months or years later is the objective. Be it personal or something written for the reader. For starters, I am looking into the Open Source proof-reading tool LanguageTool to improve my writing. The goal is to set up a local server to parse my post within the terminal before posting. Baby steps.

PS: I didn’t realize this whole time that my posts had date on top because the post titles were at H3. I have no idea why. Went back to each and every post and corrected it and fixed the style as well.

Day 14 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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