Why I switched to Migadu from Zoho

I had been a Zoho mail user since 2014. The free tier. Their free tier is convenient enough to use it for personal use. Although it doesn’t provide IMAP access and forced me to use their mediocre app on Linux, I was fine as long as it was free. Plus, it was convenient enough to use my domain name with their free tier. One incident forced me to evaluate whether to keep on using Zoho’s services.

Back in January, twitter erupted with a hashtag BoycottZoho and I woke up to the news about how the founder of Zoho, Sridhar Vembu was invited to an RSS event and to his subsequent response.

The event in question was being conducted by RSS, a violent outfit of the current ruling party BJP in India. BJP is known for its bigotry against muslims and RSS is deeply involved in state sponsored riots and systematic attacks against muslims and other minorities. As such, Sridhar Vembu’s response is nothing but a thinly veiled support to a fascist organization.

I started looking out for alternatives and was initially looking into Tutanota and Protonmail but Migadu won me over quickly.

Migadu is refreshingly simple compared to other popular providers out there. And they are quite honest about their benefits and drawbacks. If you are heavily dependent on email, the daily limits might be a deterrent but for my personal use they are more than enough. Have a look at the “limits” I have on my account.

I am on their Mini plan ($48 a year). Even the free plan is decent enough if you are not sending out more than 10 emails a day and if you can live with “sent via migadu.com” in every email. Their free plan supports IMAP and there’s no per user pricing!

The only issue I have with them is the calendar support which they said is weeks away from release but there has been no news about it till now after we exchanged emails back in January 2020. They do have regular updates to their infrastructure though and I am quite happy using Migadu for my emails.

Day 16 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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