Where is that perfect note taking device?

A Scribe and Elipsa walk into a bar. The bartender says, "You are unremarkable".

Terrible, I know. Just had to get it out.

Recently, I came across articles about Kobo Elipsa 2E. A note taking device similar to Kindle Scribe. Now, I own a Scribe and take my daily notes on it but looking at the feature set of Elipsa 2E, I was tempted to switch. So naturally, I scoured youtube and reddit for reviews of the device but was not at all whelmed by what people were talking about. For a note taking device that I spend hours on, I am not going to write like I am painting over a canvas. Palm rejection is important to me. The Scribe is not great but it can handle most of my movements and its very rare that I jump pages on the Scribe while writing. The reviewers were more inclined to showcase the features rather than use the device practically. The real reviews are hidden in the 1 star reviews and Q&A section of Amazon product page. The benchmark, as one of the reviews go, for writing on a ePaper tablet is Remarkable 2. Indeed. Once you experience it, everything else just feels... ordinary. The Scribe, in its first generation, offers a smooth writing surface. I don't get why people like it so much. It sucks.

My ideal ePaper tablet will have the writing surface and pen of Remarkable 2, Kindle integration like the Scribe, the software feature set of Elipsa 2E and (since we are building castles in the air) the speed of an iPad. I just have to wait half a decade probably.

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