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I consume a lot of webcomics in my RSS reader. Sometime last year I came across a sci-fi series on Webtoons called Seed. It was about an AI that’s manipulating people to its own end. Seed is on a hiatus currently after finishing season 2. In the vacuum left by Seed, I started reading up on the recommendations by Webtoons and ended up reading a lot more. Some are funny, some are grim and some have artwork that begs more than one read. These are my favorites so far.

  1. Seed Super AI manipulating people. Eagerly awaiting season 3.

  2. 10th Dimension Boys I have literally rolled up in laughter reading these. Consists of lot of fart jokes. Yeah, I am juvenile like that. This series is completed and I would lap up anything that the creator has to offer without a second thought.

  3. Live with yourself About a person living with three other versions of himself. This series started out ok, lost its way in between and is now trying to build a longer story arc.

  4. Purple Hyacinth About a police officer who can detect lies and is working with an assassin to uncover a plot that has ties to her childhood. The artwork is amazing in this. They have a patreon tier where you can pay to have yourself featured as a dead body in the comic and it’s quite a popular option.

  5. Bloodless Wars Futuristic world where combat and war between countries are conducted in a virtual environment.

  6. Rebirth Time travel. Zombies. Superpowers. Superzombies. Its a little slow and tries to be very mysterious. I wish it would just speed up and give answers little by little rather than dumping everything in last few final episodes which is how it looks like its headed to.

  7. Parallel City Parallel Dimension. Apocalypse. Doppelgangers. This series has a lot of potential to be made into a movie or TV series.

  8. Bluechair This was one of the earliest comic I started reading but lately the jokes are flat.

  9. Omniscient Reader Think video games in real life. The premise is little meta. A sole reader of a webcomic for over 10 years is the only one with the knowledge of what will happen when the events of the webcomic starts happening in real life after the webcomic reaches its climax.

  10. Bastard Saying anything about this comic is saying too much. Its gripping.

  11. Dr. Frost I had no idea that a comic about psychology can be this good. The creator has actually studied psychology and draws inspiration from it and does a lot of research to present the story. Seems to be influenced from a lot of TV series but that doesn’t take away its sheen.

  12. Moon You It starts seriously and soon turns into a hilarious comic. I am about 1/3rd into the comic and the plot has started to drag a little. I don’t pay anything to read the comics so have to wait a day for certain chapters to unlock.

  13. Sweet Home Locked down lodge. Monsters taking over people. This webcomic is now on Netflix as a series. The creator is the same guy behind Bastard.

  14. Finality This series showed up as a completed series but its not. The season 2 was never published and has left so many of us wishing the creator is alive and well. This one was about detective work and showed promise.

  15. The Red Hook Superhero series. This has tie ins with other webcomics like Brooklynite and Purple Heart.

  16. Safely Endangered I have seen this one outside webtoons as well and is very funny. Highly recommend.

  17. Aphrodite IX A completed series whose episodes are all available without a paywall or time limit. Futuristic sci-fi series. The artwork is gorgeous! I keep this around to look at the artwork from time to time. Aphrodite IX is actually a sequel to another series called Cyberforce but can still be enjoyed on its own. I would add Cyberforce to this list but they went through multiple artist change, butchered the art and story on the way and just ended with a stupid climax. There was more that could have been told or there’s a missing series in between they forgot to publish. We will never know.

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