I have not so fond memories of coiling a 75 feet electric cable for an electric lawn mower after mowing the lawn during the pandemic. I would coil it using my whole arm and the damn thing would keep getting heavier and heavier as it coiled. Neat as it may look when coiled properly, it would lose its form as soon as it was left on the floor and became another workout (and cussing session) to untangle before the next mow. The alternative of leaving an unorganized mess was not acceptable so I kept at this Sisyphean task until I switched to a battery operated mower. Perhaps an army of a/v tech, rock climber, sailor and a topologist would have helped as suggested by this xkcd comic. It's for this very reason that I do not uncoil any new cable fully unless absolutely necessary. There's usually this twisted little plastic ties to hold the cable together in the packaging and what I do is loosen that tie a little and uncoil the minimum length that will help me with the job and then tighten up the little tie. Sometimes I throw in a zip tie or two to help keep the original coiled form. Who doesn't love neat cable management? In isolation this looks fine but add a bunch of cables of different lengths and size for multiple devices and suddenly there's a city of cables under the desk.

Its 2023. Where's my wireless power transmission?