I gravitated towards toot tui for its simplicity and have been on it mostly even on Elementary and Artix. Toot is great if your timeline is slow. There are times when the timeline gets flooded (I really wish people would use unlisted for replies but I am not sure if other toot clients respect mastodon settings either. toot tui does 1 ) and since there’s no visual indicator for new toots and given how toots are organized on toot tui, its a chore going through the timeline. The last time I was checking out native apps for mastodon, Tootle seemed abandoned. Their stable build is still broken and crashes upon loading but the git build (alpha) doesn’t have that issue. I have been on Tootle since yesterday and things have been pretty smooth so far. I tooted as soon as I jumped on it.

Since then, I have resolved the emoji issue by installing Noto Emoji fonts from the arch repository. The instance specific emoticons like the one in my name :artix: is not supported yet. Those don’t show up on firefox tab headers too. I haven’t checked if anybody else has found a solution for it yet but that’s not worth losing sleep over. The preferences are sparse with dark theme toggle, default post visibility, streaming behavior for timelines, how many posts appear on the page and the text size. Multiple accounts are supported. One can check out their Favorites, Bookmarks and Lists and Refresh the timeline manually if required. It’s a good idea to not let the public timeline stream and refresh it manually to save on resources and avoid tootle from freezing up occasionally.

Even though the git build is in Alpha, Tootle is a capable mastodon client and has no issues for daily use. I would love it if tootle added multiple columns for different timelines but it’s fully functional otherwise as well. Here’s an obligatory screenshot.

Day 29 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload