The new normal

It was an all too familiar scene of panic buy from 2020. A busy parking lot and crowded store. When the news of ban on rice export reached us, we had an inkling of what was about to happen. Sure enough, when we reached our regular Indian store, racks were empty and people who got in early were carting away as much as 6 bags. Many of us kept wandering the aisle trying to ascertain which rice would be a good substitute. Pretty sure this was the scene in every Indian grocery store all over US.

And the worse is yet to come. Rice export ban will drive the prices of other commodities and services up like a chain reaction. Inflation and food scarcity is not that far if delayed monsoons are going to be a regular thing and with the frequent flooding, wildfires and new heat records every other day, it feels like we are right on the precipice of a cliff where the next step will bring a certain doom. Climate disaster that always felt decades away is right here. I have been worried about the Texas grid giving up in this 100+ degreeĀ (which is the new normalĀ now btw) but somehow we are still getting by. Word is that solar energy is playing a big role in keeping the grid afloat and it's a good thing if true. Honestly, I would love to run every equipment in the house on solar if not for the high cost and the risk associated with it. Doing my bit to conserve power and water as much as possible instead.

You know how when you keep thinking about something and the whole universe seems to conspire to steer you towards more of the same? I have been worrying about the impending climate disasters and the future and these two articles drop in my feed - What can I do and Imminence. Some of the advice is not practical for my situation but I share this sentiment - Live as if we are in an existential crisis because we are.