The first brick for self-hosting this blog

This will be a brief update. I have been trying to host this blog on my Pi for a while now. It’s a simple thing to do but I lacked the know-how to do that. Up until recently I thought Jekyll had to be installed on the Pi itself! The tp-link router I newly bought provides a dynamic DNS service so I didn’t have to sign up for any other Dynamic DNS service. Also went through Jekyll and nginx tutorials and managed to set up the default blog locally and publish it on the Pi. The static site now lives on a spare domain I had. Right now it looks like this:

Yep. Straight from the Jekyll 101. I was weighing in other static site generators but no other application provided an easy way to import existing blog posts. I am sure there are ways but I chose the path of least resistance. The next items on my to do list is configuring a simple layout, https and importing all the posts from this blog and the past ones I had.. whatever I can salvage. Once it works fine on the spare domain, I can point this domain to my Pi.

Day 51 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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