The 'film' look

Strange as it may sound, I edit most of the photos I take on my iPhone. Even from my Olympus camera. I use the three apps Darkroom, Polarr and Snapseed heavily to extract the look I want. I like the film grains and colors and while its expensive to shoot and develop film, there’s a cheaper way to get similar look for the digital photos. RNI films. RNI has Lightroom presets and Capture One plugins which can deliver the results one want on the desktop but their iOS apps are a treat to use too. The first app they released, RNI films, has lot of filters for Negative, Slide, Instant, Black & White, and Vintage films. Each film has couple of filters and there are a lot of free and paid ones in them. If these options are overwhelming, RNI also has two other apps - RNI flashback and RNI Colibri. While Colibri works with slide film colors, Flashback is an experimental app that creates unique looks by mixing and matching colors to produce a ‘film’ look that really doesn’t exist. One just needs to tap one button to get a different look each time in Flashback and Colibri. There’s one more app that they have released recently for Infra Red look but I haven’t played with it much. My favorite is the Negative film filters from their first app which I use every now and then.

This is not a paid promotion for RNI films haha. They have better writers and social media influencers to do that for them. I will end this post with this photo I shot and edited on RNI films.





(Also, halfway through the challenge. Yay!)

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