Test driving Algo

After a week of reading up on VPNs and why I don’t need one, I decided to set up Algo. I know right? Not a good time to go out and sit in coffee shops. Least of all to connect to a public WiFi. Being home most of the time and having unfettered access to content that I barely consume doesn’t give any reason to go looking for a VPN but curiosity proved irresistible.

So last night before going to bed, I fired up the laptop, followed the instructions for Algo and… woke up an hour later with the laptop on standby. Did not bother to check how the set up went at night and shifted my arse from the couch to the bed and when I tried today morning, it wasn’t connecting to anything. Felt quite dumb for a while for messing up simple instructions. You see, in my stupor last night, I spun up a droplet and ran the set up on the first droplet resulting in a second Algo droplet. Genius 🤦‍♂️️. The first instruction literally asked to run the setup locally. Of course, the realization came quite late. So this afternoon after scrapping up everything and doing the setup all over again, it thankfully worked. I have tried Mullvad and Nord VPN in the past but they were always sluggish. Pretty happy with how snappy Algo is.

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