No. This is not a movie review. If anything, I am writing this to tell you that I hated this movie. Convoluted plotline that tries to be smart for its own sake and can only be understood by checking out articles on the internet? Hard nope. This is what I posted soon after I finished the movie:

.tolp eht fo skniht neve eh erofeb daeh eht ni naloN rehpotsirhC tih dna dlrow eht fo yportne eht esrever ot tnaw I .teneT dehctaW


You know, in the theme of the movie where things go in reverse.

Used this handy function ‘rev’ from the terminal to reverse the string instantly:

echo "Watched Tenet. I want to reverse the entropy of the world and hit Christopher Nolan in the head before he even thinks of the plot." | rev

Wouldn’t it be cool if the plot were to actually disappear in reverse from Nolan’s mind?. Since we aren’t in a movie and cannot violate the second law of thermodynamics willy nilly, I went for an extremely low budget animation of the idea. You can watch it here.

Its amazing how much fancier one can get with plain CSS nowadays. Many thanks to Chris Coyier for the inspiration. The source for my ‘movie’ can be found here. Now if only somebody can incept this idea in Nolan’s head… ba dum tss!