Tags in Archive

The Archive section now has posts sorted by month and tags. I was wary of adding tags because of how often I shit post and most of the posts from last year are under #100DaysToOffload. There’s not much variety or informative stuff in here 😅️.

I followed this guide to set up monthly archive in Jekyll but the liquid code doesn’t close the html properly so had to add a </ul> tag outside the loop to take care of it.

I am posting a screenshot of the liquid code because Jekyll kept executing it and loading the whole html here instead of just showing it as code. Note the lone </ul> tag at the end. That’s necessary to form a correct html page.

For the tags, this guide to put up a tag cloud and posts sorted by tags worked nicely. Here’s my version.

There were lot of guides which opted to put up a separate page for tags but that seemed overkill. Anchor tags work just fine in directing the visitor around. Every post now has a tag section at the very bottom that can help by showing the tag cloud. For some reason the code to switch between ‘tag’ or ‘tags’ depending on the number of tags a post has stopped working inexplicably but for now this will do.

Day 68 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload