Static ecstatic

I am away from home currently with no means to log in to my home server to publish this. That was intentional. I am wary of exposing the home server too much. The post will be delayed and will bear a week old date… much like a snail mail but that’s fine.

Last friday, I set up the static site on my Pi and terminated my account with Had to wade through all of my posts from as I was importing because of how the CSV export had formatted the markdown files with newline character \n. In hindsight, perhaps the JSON format would have been better but now I have no way of checking it. I was also subscribed to the package because of the gallery feature and for hosting images to post on the blog but yet to finalize an alternative that will work well with photos on the Pi. PiGallery2 sounds promising and looks simple enough to set up. I will give it a whirl once I am back home next week.

Added a /Books/ section in the top navigation to track the books I am reading in a simple markdown file. As the books are read, they will be pushed under a Read title on the same page ordered by the month. I hope to fill it up with at least one book a month courtesy the fediverse book club. I haven’t yet decided how or where to put up the books I want to read because there are so many and they are scattered across my Amazon wishlist, notes on laptop, unread books on my shelf and mastodon bookmark. There’s another book club on the fediverse run by Merveillians. They are still voting on their book as I write this. I am just sulking around trying to find anything interesting to add to my wishlist 😁. They do have excellent taste.

There will probably be more posts about the static site itself in the coming weeks. Bear with me till my static ecstasy wears off.

Day 56 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload