Small inconveniences are best expressed in a big blog post

I spent an undue amount of time pruning my new shiny blog. tries to keep it simple and gives us a very spartan UI. The idea is to remove anything unnecessary from your path to get your thoughts quickly out there. Heck, one can post even without signing up. For the most part I like it but it feels lacking in certain places.

  1. The custom CSS section — I would like to see it a bit easier to edit by having a slightly taller text area or letting me copy-paste/import from my local text file. The ability to save multiple custom CSS for different themes would be nice to have but it gets in the way of keeping things real simple here. I would settle for a taller text area.
  2. The official writing tools doesn’t have a way to authenticate with our account. At least the desktop app doesn’t have any. The CLI app can authenticate, but I am not able to get it to work all the time. Currently, I write the post locally on this excellent Markdown editor Apostrophe and once I am happy with the preview, copy and paste the content on the web interface and hit publish. Ideally, I would like to have the desktop app to be on par with the markdown editing apps, show me a preview of how the post will look and publish it to my blog. I would also settle for the CLI tool to work reliably so that I can post the content without having to sign in to the web.

  3. Tags. Why won’t you let me create a tag which starts with a number? The first tag down below with the number is for general awareness and for the post to show up on I have had to create a second tag just to have these daily posts show up under a tag on my blog. Isn’t that crazy?

By the way, all the colors on my blog follow the color palette for elementary OS. Yep, elementary OS has an app for that. You can check out the custom changes I made to the Dark Theme by checking the source. I am not a CSS wizard and it might have some redundant stuff or improper syntax which isn’t to your liking. I still haven’t figured out how to change the colors for code and blockquote tags but I will soon.

This information is old. You can read the update to this post here

Day 2 - Join me in #100DaysToOffload

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Apostrophe, the prince of markdown editors I found Apostrophe from the homepage of the AppCenter on Elementary OS. The markdown editor of my choice to compose my blog posts in.