Simple tools

I came across this little ‘awfice’ tool while learning about Takahashi method as it popped up on my mastodon timeline. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and ease. It doesn’t claim to act as a replacement for your full fledged office software but it can save you some time in a pinch. The Canvas and the text editor interests me a lot as a quick tool to present your idea as a sketch if you are sharing your screen… as long as one doesn’t refresh their browser. I see there is an open issue in the GitHub repo asking for a way to save the canvas drawing besides printing or taking a screenshot. That shouldn’t be hard but it takes away the simplicity of this idea. It’s not meant to be a replacement for your current tools.

In the same vein of simple tools, I love another tool for presentation - mdp. It just presents markdown text in the terminal. That’s it. Really a very niche application but hey.. I am a sucker for simplicity.

And that brings me to something else I discovered today - Stagit. A static git page generator. It does what it says and its effing pretty. Already planning to integrate it with my static site.

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