Self-hosted apps

There are the applications I currently self-host on my Raspberry Pi 3B+. It runs on DietPi because it provides a repository of applications to choose from which makes installation very easy. No more figuring out dependencies for the ARM platform. Every aspect of the Pi can be handled via DietPi launcher. DietPi updates fairly regularly and is optimized to run on the Pi. Also, I would like to avoid dealing with docker images as much as possible.

HomeAssistant: Available in DietPi repo. I have most of my internet of shit devices connected to the HomeAssistant barring the thermostat which is so tightly locked down that not even IFTTT has it integrated. Super useful in controlling the lights in the yard, alarm system, and monitoring various statistics from other devices.

Pi-Hole: Available in DietPi repo. A must have thanks to how www has deformed into.

FreshRSS: Available in DietPi repo. My go to RSS feed reader. It even connects to the Reeder app on iOS so that I can browse the news while sitting on the john. I had Miniflux too on the Pi but it required manual installation. I liked how FreshRSS rendered articles on the desktop compared to Miniflux.

Gitea: Available in DietPi repo. My private repository. It contains my learnings and certain information I like to maintain in git form rather than just documents lying around. I say private because this Pi is only used within the home network and is not available from outside the network. I use Codeberg for my public repo.

Linkding: This is a sole docker installation. I use this to manage my bookmarks. Managing bookmarks in Firefox is so cumbersome.

MediaWiki: I installed MediaWiki earlier to manage bookmarks at one point but it was too much just for bookmarks. Linkding is simple and best at what it does.

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