I was at Lake McDonald last week in Glacier National Park trying to photograph the play of colors on the lake during the golden hour just before the sunset. I had scouted the location an hour ago, and made a mental note of the view I wanted to capture - A fallen tree leaning into the lake and ever so slightly touching the surface of the lake as a foreground element.

A family was getting their portraits done nearby and wandered into where I was positioned and without warning sat on the same dead tree. Their photographer went on shooting them completely ignoring my presence.

Before I could register the rudeness of it all, a serendipitious opportunity opened up and I shifted my position to better capture the scene that opened up for me.

You see, in the process of sitting on the dead tree, they dipped the trunk into the lake and created the ripples that you see in the picture.

Shot on iPhone. Edited on iPhone.

I had visualized a serene lake but the ripples added another dimension to the scenery. A welcome addition.