Relationships are hard

Two of my friends are going through a rough patch and its really heartbreaking to see everything unraveling. They are more than a friend to me.. they are family and I have only had good memories with them. Heck, most of my instax and polaroid photos are about them, with them. Not that our friendship is dying but they were one of those people who came in our life as one package and now everything sucks. The fallout brings out stories never heard, dots I connect now in hindsight, how I kept missing the signs, realizing that what I see is not what it is. The perfect image of them in my mind took a severe beating which is what I am trying to reconcile with. All that veneer stripped away revealing the mold that I am all too familiar with. The worst is over for them, thankfully and the most I can do for them is to lend an ear and a shoulder.

Day 94 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload