Came across this article on lifehacker. I detest these slideshow articles on lifehacker/gizmodo. Wish they just did a regular article but anyway, the article talks about these 10 things:

  1. Making a baby isn’t as easy as it sounds
  2. The first few months can be torture
  3. You will sorely miss sleep
  4. You don’t need a lot of baby stuff
  5. Childen rack up a lot of surprise costs
  6. You can effectively work from home, but only to a point
  7. Don’t worry if your child isn’t reaching development milestones
  8. You can’t take too many pictures
  9. Going out anywhere won’t be the same
  10. You yourself won’t be the same

Completely agree with all of these, especially the 4th one. Filling up the house with toys is just unnecessary…not to mention expensive. Our toddler’s favorite plaything are the kiddie plastic spoons, two of her cups and a hair drying towel 🤷. My neighbor across the street who had their baby last year also have similar stories and so does every parent I have spoken to. The items in the kitchen and everyday objects are far more appealing to her than the toys. She doesn’t have too many but most of her play toys have seen very less playtime. I think I play with her toy piano more than she ever does 😁. Pro tip: If you are buying toys for other kids, for the love of god please don’t buy things which squeak and sing a lot 🙏. One thing I am learning now is how to get her to be more social (as the COVID restrictions are eased following the vaccinations) while trying not to interfere with her learning process. Kids being kids, friction is natural and I have to hold myself back and not jump in immediately at times and let her figure out the right way to deal with the situation first. COVID hasn’t made it easy for kids to learn to play with each other. The day she goes back to the daycare will be the toughest though. For me 😅.