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Day 4

I don't know where I was going when I started writing it and where I ended up with this post. Just some stuff on my mind that needed a release.

Whatever time I have nowadays in between looking after a 11 month old, I end up reading articles upon articles about COVID-19 situation all over the world. One thing that stands out is how those in power are using this crisis to further their agenda. Trump administration continues to undermine the environment. Modi government continues on the path of fascism and hatred against Muslims which is fast approaching genocide. It's easier than ever to exploit the poor and implement a surveillance state amid the pandemic. Kemp and Abbott wants to open up their states to help the economy but the have no real plan to prepare for the second wave of pandemic that will arise. And they turn a blind eye to those who will really suffer. Amazon meanwhile is chugging along as usual and making more profit during the pandemic. Changing their policies and putting profit above people. There's a whole another level of argument about how Amazon is like a central driver of rising inequality across the economy. The less I say about Elon Musk, the better.

Corporations and Governments holding power over common peoples lives is nothing new. Breaking their control takes work. And money. I couldn't resist signing up for a smart water monitoring system just because it was free. I have numerous Kindle titles that I find hard to let go of. Even though I got rid of Facebook, I hold on to WhatsApp and Instagram despite all the warning signs. The only action that we can take is to stop giving them more power. In case of corporations at least. Holding our governments accountable when public itself is manipulated is much harder.

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Day 3

100 internet points to anyone who felt the post titles are unnecessarily long and immediately thought of Gintama episode titles.

Anyway, the addendum!, the community manager at reached out after reading my Day 2 post with the message that hashtags which start with numbers are now accounted for as hashtags and thus obliterating the need for a second hashtag on my blog. Yay!. Moreover, the CSS and Javascript editor will see a size increase soon. He also shared the command to post from CLI to the blog directly which is what I have used today. No more copy-paste business. Write in Apostrophe, drop to terminal, type the magic words and a fresh blog post for your eyes.

End of Addendum

Bonus musings!

Embedding the first post from my corner of Pixelfed universe. Decided to post regularly on my piconic account as well starting with this one from 2016.

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Day 2

I spent an undue amount of time pruning my new shiny blog. tries to keep it simple and gives us a very spartan UI. The idea is to remove anything unnecessary from your path to get your thoughts quickly out there. Heck, one can post even without signing up. For the most part I like it but it feels lacking in certain places.

1) The custom CSS section — I would like to see it a bit easier to edit by having a slightly taller text area or letting me copy-paste/import from my local text file. The ability to save multiple custom CSS for different themes would be nice to have but it gets in the way of keeping things real simple here. I would settle for a taller text area.

2) The official writing tools doesn't have a way to authenticate with our account. At least the desktop app doesn't have any. The CLI app can authenticate, but I am not able to get it to work all the time. Currently, I write the post locally on this excellent Markdown editor Apostrophe and once I am happy with the preview, copy and paste the content on the web interface and hit publish. Ideally, I would like to have the desktop app to be on par with the markdown editing apps, show me a preview of how the post will look and publish it to my blog. I would also settle for the CLI tool to work reliably so that I can post the content without having to sign in to the web.

3) Tags. Why won't you let me create a tag which starts with a number? The first tag down below with the number is for general awareness and for the post to show up on I have had to create a second tag just to have these daily posts show up under a tag on my blog. Isn't that crazy?

By the way, all the colors on my blog follow the color palette for elementary OS. Yep, elementary OS has an app for that. You can check out the custom changes I made to the Dark Theme by checking the source. I am not a CSS wizard and it might have some redundant stuff or improper syntax which isn't to your liking. I still haven't figured out how to change the colors for code and blockquote tags but I will soon.

This information is old. You can read the update to this post here

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Day 1

MSN Spaces. That's where I started blogging first. Not sure if anybody even remembers Microsoft had that. I have had my fair share of moving my blog around – MSN Spaces, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, Wordpress, Squarespace and now Somewhere along the way the words dried up. A copy of those days is hiding somewhere in one of the many backup folders in an external hard drive.

I chose for its simplicity and how easy it is to manage albums on (And it's cheaper than Squarespace). The stars aligned when my current Squarespace membership was about to renew and @Kev offloaded his idea of writing every day for 100 days on Fosstodon. Though I am not entirely sure if I can keep up with a post every day. I will try. Maybe I will find a sweet spot between my ramblings, photos and semi-technical posts. It might give me a good reason to photograph something new as well.

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The warning was right there…

But I decided to ignore it and went ahead to install the Qt dependencies on elementary Hera which is based on Ubuntu 18.04.

Tried to run Telephant and of course it had to fail. Tried to backtrack and removed Telephant and the Qt dependencies only to find that it removed something else which I didn’t pay any attention to and my desktop was all wrong. The elementary theme was replaced by default GTK theme. The elementary tweaks helped restore most of the desktop but the login screen won’t budge. You know, the pantheon-greeter. The font was bigger and the Bluetooth device icon and the battery icons for the laptop and the mouse was all old school GTK instead of the shiny elementary ones. Tried to put back those Qt libraries to no avail. Tried rebooting several times after tweaking elementary tweaks to find myself in the same misery. I tried reinstalling elementary-desktop, pantheon-greeter, lightdm but none of them worked. I even thought of reinstalling Hera haha. But then found this nugget of wisdom where it says to purge the elementary-desktop completely before installing it back again.

sudo apt purge elementary-desktop sudo apt install elementary-desktop sudo reboot

Dropped to tty1, issued these commands, and rebooted to the proper login screen. Salvation at last!

All this because I was looking for a gorgeous Mastodon client. I really wish there existed a beautiful Mastodon app written in Vala for elementary. Pinafore will have to do until then.

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