NextCloud experience and dark mode switcher

I have been trying out the local NextCloud installation for the past 3 days and finally backed up all the photos and videos on my iPhone to it. A total of 52.11 GB consisting of 14,029 photos and 722 videos. This endeavor was not without hiccups. The transfer was stalled after the first day and wouldn’t move an inch. It only resumed afresh after I cleared the cache on the NextCloud app on the iPhone and let the app run overnight connected to the power supply without locking the screen. And oh it also needs continuous GPS and background refresh access 🙄️. Now I have all the photos and videos sorted by year and month in their respective folders. Why am I doing this? I am trying to reduce my dependence on Apple ecosystem and move to Pinephone by the end of this year. The less I depend on major corporations, the better.

Up until recently the only way for me to test the dark mode of my blog was to publish any changes and look at it on the iPhone as it is set to dark mode and renders pages in dark that has prefers-color-scheme:dark set in their stylesheet. I found a firefox extension that lets me switch to dark mode using the same CSS media feature. And it’s open source too. This proved to be quite helpful as I mangled the color scheme and design quite a bit these past few days. I think I will stick with this simple navigation bar for now. Most definitely. Probably… Maybe 😅️.

Day 73 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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