Moved to fiber

It sucks that the choice of internet providers fall to one or two major companies here. I had been on Spectrum for over 4 years and even opted for Spectrum when I moved to this city last year. With WFH, the internet speed just wasn’t keeping up. Not to mention the router was also dying. I looked around for options (there are only two choices here: Spectrum or AT&T) and settled on AT&T Fiber. But it comes with a catch. The low pricing is a one year promo and I can’t really use my own modem/router. Their gateway doesn’t allow changing any DNS values and the WiFi doesn’t even support the 1 Gbps speeds of the fiber. I use pi-hole to sink all the ads and without controlling the DNS values, all the internet of shit devices can phone home now. For now, I changed the DNS values on my personal devices manually but I am looking for a router that can handle Gigabit speeds over WiFi and allows me to set the DNS to get the pi-hole working for ALL the devices.

PS:I recently found Librespeed. A free, open and no bullshit alternative to It even has a CLI option too. On elementary, I used to check the speeds with a snap package - Speed. Speed didn’t even allow testing upload speeds. Librespeed-cli works more or less like its web counterpart and shows the ping, jitter, download and upload speed. (only negative being no server selection but is that really a negative?). Do check it out if you happen to read this post 😁️.

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