Mind the slash


The way I have my terminal setup, it just shows the $ prompt and no other information about which current directory I am working in. I like it that way and usually am careful about it. This incident is forcing me to evaluate how minimal I want to keep the terminal.

The other day when I was setting up the second Pi with Arch Linux, I had to set the DNS in /etc/resolv.conf file. I opened the terminal, mounted the Pi, changed directory to the root of Pi and issued this command by force of habit. Micro1 is the text editor I use.

micro /etc/resolv.conf

Now this is vastly different from micro etc/resolv.conf. The former is issued on the Linux machine I was on. The latter would have worked inside the directory I was in (root of Pi) which is what I wanted. Not that it would have made any difference (I needed same entries on both conf) but I realized which file I actually edited when the Pi didn’t show any activity on the Pi-hole. At the least I wasn’t doing a sudo rm -rf!

Now my terminal prompt is anything but minimal 😅️!

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