I guess if you are reading this in your feed or the gemini version, it doesn’t matter but the blog got a makeover. I kinda wanted to play around with the navigation as a sidebar but that introduced more work than I liked to spend working on it so settled on a top bar with a shadow underneath loosely reminding me of a Hugo theme I once saw somewhere.

Took off the unordered list and replaced it with a simple paragraph based list on the homepage. It’s easier and goes well with the classless CSS I was aiming for. Juggling multiple div tags, two lists and close to 15 lines of CSS just to make the recent post list play nice on both desktop and mobile was exhausting. Not to mention trying to emulate a table with CSS display property. The simple look works fine even on a terminal browser like w3m. The divs on the other hand were a disaster on w3m.

Added a footer to reduce the link vomit in the About section and cleaned up the unordered lists in the Archive too. The size of the homepage will go over 2KB now and this blog is going to slide down from the third position on 512KB club but that’s fine. The former sparse look was made after I was miffed at some landing pages which were nothing but few links to hide the heavy theme generated pages. I get it now why the pre-built themes are so heavy. They try to cover all their bases with every modern tool in their arsenal. My shitty blog doesn’t need to.

Day 86 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload