Maintaining Friendship

Reading this article and trying to remember the friendships I have lost with time. I have uprooted my life over and over in the past and lost touch with good friends every single time. We make less and less friends as we grow older. I am paraphrasing but the article is spot on about how easy it is for a friendship to die a slow death when the environment and rhythm changes. The only way to address this lies in being intentional about the friendship and communicating and continuing to have shared experiences. Having a shared experience in these times of pandemic is harder than usual but that’s where being intentional can help to avoid the friendship from fizzling out. There’s no dearth of communication tools in this moment in time. Should one be surprised when putting in the time, effort and communication doesn’t work? It’s as the author says - Not every friendship is a lifelong commitment. Sucks. But it is what it is.

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