Living in simulation

Earlier this week I was thinking back to how haunting the soundtrack of DEVS is. Then last night @urusan posted this

It reminded me of DEVS which you will connect to this toot if you are familiar with the series. The idea that we are in a simulation can be both terrifying and a comforting thought. Terrifying because we aren’t in control of our actions and lack free-will. Comforting because our actions are pre-determined and thus anything that happens is supposed to happen. The question of deterministic universe and free-will makes a great theme for sci-fi movies and philosophical questions. There’s no proof that we are in a simulation. There’s no proof that we aren’t in one either. If a being has figured out a way to simulate every single particle AND solved the problem of observing the quantum phenomena without altering it, then perhaps we are in one of those countless simulations that being is running on their computer. We will never know. Does living in a simulation somehow invalidate our experiences? Lily’s choice towards the climax of DEVS seems to suggest that she decided to accept it as real. If one had definite proof of being in a simulation, what would one even do with such a knowledge?

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