Less friction, not more

Optimize your productivity spending towards the things you want to get done, not the systems which manage the things you want to get done.

Reading Ben Brooks and he echoes what I have been going through lately about tools for productivity. I was an avid user of todoist but I have found my needs being met with a scribble on paper and occasionally taskwarrior on my machine. I like the extensive features offered by Gajim but Dino wins me over every time with its simplicity. I love how shiny and good some window managers look and sometimes lust after it but the default simplicity of Sway WM reminds me how well it works for me. I recognize that a certain amount of time will go in setting up the tools initially and occasional tuneups but if it demands more and more time to maintain it, that puts me off. I want tools to work for me and not make me work for it. I am far from a minimalist but often the simplest tools are the ones that gets the job done.

…just enough power to be productive, but not so much power that you begin sapping productivity.

Less friction, not more.

Day 65 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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