Lawn care

One of my objectives this year is to turn my weed infested, half dead and eyesore of a lawn into a lush green golf course 😅️. Well that's the dream. At the minimum it will take an year for the grass and the ground to become healthy enough to resist and crowd out the weeds. An added challenge is to keep the weeds spreading from the neighbor's lawn into mine. It will take constant care throughout. There are a lot of conflicting articles on the web about how to take care of the Bermuda grass. Knowledge that keeps getting regurgitated over and over and loses some of the finer points and in the end is only half true. After several attempts to clear the weed by hand and with spot treatment, what worked was one of the products suggested by my other neighbor. It helped in clearing out the weeds on my Bermuda a great deal. To rejuvenate the lawn, I have decided to stick with the detailed guide for Bermuda on Doc's website. Hoping that his methods that he uses on his own lawn do the trick. Fingers crossed.

I am also making a switch to one of the cordless battery powered mowers for my sanity. What I currently have is an electric mower with a cord. It does the job but having to lug around the 100 ft cable around the trees, adjusting it with every turn of the mower and all around the front and backyard is exhausting. For the past two years the lawn has suffered because mowing was an exhausting activity. I am constantly amazed by people in our neighborhood who work on their lawn the first chance they get. A holiday? Mow the lawn. 5 pm? Mow the lawn. Just got back from work in the afternoon? Mow the lawn. Their effort shows in the well kept and weed free lawn though. I don't have that much free time but I can make it a weekly affair. Without the 100 ft cord slowing me down, it should be doable. I will post pics as the lawn makes steady progress.

Golf course. 1 year. ✊🏽️. Fingers and toes crossed.