Lagrange and Amfora

Almost wrote the title as Lagrange vs. Amfora but then I realized I like them both and there’s no real downside to any of these. I also use them alternately as I fancy. So what are Lagrange and Amfora anyway? They are browsers for the Geminiverse. There are many but I like these two a lot. You can read more about Gemini here.

Amfora runs in the terminal and is seriously fast. It’s entirely navigated by the keyboard. Ever since I have switched to Sway tiling window manager, my workflow has changed and I now rely on the mouse very less. In fact, as an experiment I was on my laptop yesterday without the mouse. I did use the touch-pad a little to navigate on Firefox and Thunderbird but other than that I was pretty comfortable. Anyway, I digress. More on that in a separate post. Back to Amfora. I have bookmarked couple of Gemini capsules which I go to regularly to read the updates. CTRL+B opens up the bookmark page and I can either tab my way to links or press the number next to each link to browse the link. It supports multiple tabs and once you get comfortable its easy to forget you are in a terminal client. Everything is so seamless and less of a drag compared to the http web.

Lagrange. Its beautiful. It doesn’t shy away from calling itself that. A Beautiful Gemini Client is its tagline. It’s a GUI client. Part of its charm comes from the excellent choice of Nunito font. The well rounded font is easy to read and looks easy on the eyes. Your mileage may vary. Its easy to switch the font from the preferences, if one is so inclined. In Amfora, if the number of links reach the double digit category, one has to navigate it by pressing Space (which opens up the address bar at the bottom) and entering the desired number. Lagrange takes a clever approach and switches to Alphabets (Pressing Alt will show the numbers and alphabets for the links). Its entirely possible to navigate Lagrange only with the keyboard. It can also be browsed with a mouse if that’s what one likes.

I have come upon only one issue with Lagrange and its that it doesn’t open the Gemini Universal Search Engine (GUS) and one newly built Gemini capsule for books ( They work fine in Amfora. There must be an easy fix but I haven’t looked into it yet.

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