Kitty Letter

Think of battle royale with cats and scrabble. That’s Kitty Letter. When Matthew Inman released this game 3 weeks back I was all over it and had tons of fun playing with strangers and friends. The gameplay is basically forming words with a set of letter tiles that releases cats whose number varies on the strength of the word formed which then proceeds to destroy the opponent. Fun, right? It fits in with the exploding kitten theme of theirs of which they have a card game (which by the way is also excellent!).

The skill lies in unscrambling the words faster than your opponent does and if possible swarm them with cats. Occasionally a goat will walk by and shit on the battlefield that gives power ups to boost our offense or defense. Its wise to focus on building more words instead of relying on powerups but if you do snag a powerup, it also takes some skill to judge when to use it. For eg., using a vacuum cleaner to kill the opponents cats work best when they are busy sending a steady stream of cats starting with the same letter and right when the cats are about to reach our house. A pugbug or a flaming bottle is best used right away at the beginning of a round. There are times when I am stuck for words but my opponent isn’t. Its good to study which letter they used first to form the word and try to make the same words. That way, you get to survive long enough in the round. My method is to swarm them with as much words as I can and apply pressure to stop my opponent from thinking clearly.

Lately there has been a lot of bugs plaguing the game. Sometimes both the players win while playing with friends, or there’s no damage to my house or the opponent, or the powerups fail to work immediately. There’s a pronounced lag in the game when playing multiple sessions in a row that is only fixed by killing the app completely and opening it. Hope they fix it as soon as possible before everyone loses interest. This game wasn’t designed to be played forever. There’s no subscription and there are only few items that you can buy for bling but its completely playable without it. I would rather be bored with it and pick it up once in a while than have to ditch it forever because of the bugs.

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