I like frequent updates to quality of life in using an operating system

Elementary OS pushed an update today and I wasn’t aware of the changes until I saw that the System Settings has switched to light mode and there was a new Screen Time & Limits section. The full notes about the Hera 5.1.4 update is up on their blog. I love how detail oriented they are about the major updates. They take improvements to quality of life in using Elementary OS very seriously.

The dark mode was enabled by Elementary Tweaks and I know there will be an update or somebody will find a fix for the System Settings screen soon. I love dark mode as long as its easier on my eyes. Some applications look better in light mode and some in dark mode. Case in point, the text editor Code. It looks so polished and easy to read in light mode. The dark mode on Code, however, is absolute shit.

My favorite update in Hera 5.1.4 is perhaps the deep search in System Settings. It now shows the path to get to the settings we are looking for so that next time we know how to navigate the System Settings screen. To be honest, searching is way faster than clicking through. There are performance improvements to the AppCenter which I have to see for myself. I usually install/update the apps via Terminal. Speaking of Terminal, I came across this post on how to use Alias command on @R10T@infosec.exchange’s blog. I was familiar with chaining commands and alias but had no idea how to save the custom alias. Now I can just type ‘update’ on the Terminal to update my machine! My update alias looks like this:

alias update='sudo apt update && \
	      sudo apt upgrade && \
	      sudo apt purge && \
	      sudo apt autoremove && \
	      sudo apt clean && \
	      sudo snap refresh && \
	      flatpak update'

And with that its time for me to ‘exit’ this post. I will toot about any issues/news about this update at @thumb@fosstodon.org.


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