I brought the finest of articles from the interwebs for your reading pleasure

Took a day off from writing anything on the blog. I don’t want this to become a chore and taking even a one day break makes me eager to write when I am back to it. The only rule here is Just. Write.

Yeah yeah.. Let’s get on with the monologue already and give us stuff to read, you say? Worry not traveler, for you shall receive some good stuff to read today. Just not my own.

I go through tons of articles and news in my feed/mastodon/twitter. Here I have collected the most interesting stuff that I found today and might be worthy of your consumption. The list is short keeping in mind your valuable time.

  1. Federic Dossena talks about Google and how they try to scrape every possible data from us through its services. I apologize for sending you to a blog with a stupid background animation. Its annoying as hell but the content is great.

  2. Real life copy and paste. Point your camera at a real life object, and paste it on your computer! A very fine use of AR. The developer Cyril Diagne even shares his code on GitHub.

  3. When COVID-19 hits home. Kevin writes a poignant tribute to his father-in-law whom he lost to COVID-19. If only the governments took the pandemic seriously…

  4. Andy’s latest post is hilarious. I ended up going through his older posts as well and thoroughly enjoyed the blog.

  5. Many of you must have already gone through this and I am pretty sure this must have been shared many times over at twitter too but this visualization of wealth in USA is so awesome and very revealing in how tax reforms must progress.

That’s all for today folks. Hope you find something of interest here.

Day 8 - Join me in #100DaysToOffload

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