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I don’t know where I was going when I started writing it and where I ended up with this post. Just some stuff on my mind that needed a release.

Whatever time I have nowadays in between looking after a 11 month old, I end up reading articles upon articles about COVID-19 situation all over the world. One thing that stands out is how those in power are using this crisis to further their agenda. Trump administration continues to undermine the environment. Modi government continues on the path of fascism and hatred against Muslims which is fast approaching genocide. It’s easier than ever to exploit the poor and implement a surveillance state amid the pandemic. Kemp and Abbott wants to open up their states to help the economy but the have no real plan to prepare for the second wave of pandemic that will arise. And they turn a blind eye to those who will really suffer. Amazon meanwhile is chugging along as usual and making more profit during the pandemic. Changing their policies and putting profit above people. There’s a whole another level of argument about how Amazon is like a central driver of rising inequality across the economy. The less I say about Elon Musk, the better.

Corporations and Governments holding power over common peoples lives is nothing new. Breaking their control takes work. And money. I couldn’t resist signing up for a smart water monitoring system just because it was free. I have numerous Kindle titles that I find hard to let go of. Even though I got rid of Facebook, I hold on to WhatsApp and Instagram despite all the warning signs. The only action that we can take is to stop giving them more power. In case of corporations at least. Holding our governments accountable when public itself is manipulated is much harder.

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