Holiday decorations

We never did much decoration usually for Christmas apart from a wreath on the door and a tree in the house. This year however we decided to do some decoration around the house and put some festive lights in the yard. There aren’t many houses that are decorated in our community but there are few and I am picking up ideas from them as they put up their lights. Its everybody’s first Christmas in this community. Met one of our neighbors last night who had put up an inflatable dachshund in his yard (we have two live ones!) and we started talking and got some great tips about the C9 decorative lights. He is a very friendly and helpful guy. This summer he helped me out when I was struggling with the mower on the bermuda grass. I ordered the lights as soon as I got back home last night and picked up the order from the store in the afternoon. It’s a slightly different one from what he had put up. We don’t want our houses to look the same now, do we?.

One other neighbor down the street has their house all lit up in 100 different ways. Name anything you can think of in terms of festive lighting and they have it. On the roof. On the door. Garage door. Yard. Candy canes. Blinking lights. Inflatables. Santa. Various animals. And it seems they have plans to add more. I couldn’t help but think of this Geico ad 🤣️. But its all done tastefully and looks amazing! I don’t want to spend too much on all the decorations and then also struggle with stashing it away till next year. We don’t have that big a house.

Trying to decorate the house as much as possible before next week when I will be on the road with the family. I have been on a daily blogging spree and that will probably take a hit but I hope I can avoid that by posting from my phone or maybe pick it up when I am back. We will see.

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