Halloween, Game of Thrones, and BST

This is going to be something of a weeknote. With a good 3 month absence, I am not going to hit the 100 posts by December. I might stop the 100 days challenge with the end of this year perhaps. Maybe even before that. This challenge has given me some motivation to fill up my blog and document whatever I feel here. I do see myself keeping up with the blog whether or not I do the challenge. 99% of my posts are shit haha and not worth looking back but it doesn’t matter. Maybe I will come back and enjoy that 1% that matters to me.

Halloween was indeed happy with a night of board games with good food to fill the belly. Surprisingly low on alcohol but we had lot of fun. As always explaining the rules of the games fell on me and I think I did a great job because the new additions to our group were winning like crazy while I sat with the losing hand 😅️. I will chalk that to beginners luck and look forward to win some the next time we meet up.

We have been binge watching Game of Thrones and are now left with the final episode. The binge started 3 weeks back! All 8 seasons in 3 weeks. I can now relate to all the jokes and outcry and outrage that happened all these years when the whole world was immersed in it. I have played catch up to any TV show as far as I recall.

Falling back one hour doesn’t seem much but tell that to a certain 15 month old who gets hungry right on time. BST (Baby Standard Time) takes precedence over any standard time. Hopefully I can settle into a routine that’s comfortable for everyone.

Day 32 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload