Firefox add-ons

I use Firefox all the time (since 2005) and have come to rely on certain add-ons to make the Internet more bearable. I wish we didn’t have to but such is life.

  1. Bitwarden: Open source password manager.
  2. Cookie AutoDelete: Begone Cookies! stop tracking me across internet.
  3. Decentraleyes: Emulates CDNs and prevents websites from making unnecessary requests.
  4. Ghostery: Blocks trackers.
  5. LanguageTool: Improve your grammar. Vet anything in online forms before hitting send. Free version is more than capable.
  6. HTTPS Everywhere: Enables HTTPS access for the sites we browse. Its very rare that I see websites not using HTTPS nowadays.
  7. I don’t care about cookies: Say bye bye to those annoying cookie warnings because of messed up GDPR implementation.
  8. Library Extension: Set it up with your local library and it will tell you if a title you are looking up on Amazon is available in your local library or not. No signups. Only negative is that it’s not open source.
  9. Privacy Badger: Stops trackers from tracking you all over the internet.
  10. Privacy Redirect: Redirects Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Google maps to Invidious, Nitter, Bibliogram and OpenStreetMaps respectively. Invidious is unreliable and Bibliogram keeps getting blocked my Instagram but works if you change instances. I have resorted to using mpv+youtube-dl for youtube. So. much. better.
  11. uBlock Origin: DIE ADs DIE! Also useful to block annoying UI elements on the web.

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