Election 2020

As I write this Michigan is with Biden and it looks like Joe Biden will become the next President. I never imagined the race to be this close. Neither COVID nor Trump’s blunders affected the Trump base. People even voted for a dead republican. Almost half of America doesn’t care about Black lives and minorities and racism. Doesn’t care about the health and lives of others. Corporate interests flies high above anything else. All the lies don’t matter. People would rather believe that Coronavirus is a hoax than listen to the scientists. These past 4 years Trump did everything in his power to undermine the progress on climate change, immigration and foreign policy. None of these made a difference to his voter base. Climate change is gonna affect Florida in a big way and yet it voted for Trump. Children being detained under horrible conditions in camps didn’t make anyone’s heart bleed. Then there was Russia. It’s like nothing matters to the Trump base. Will it ever?

Day 36 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload