Donated my old Kindle Touch

Bought in 2012 this Kindle Touch had been with me for nearly a decade. It fell into disuse after upgrading to Kindle Papertouch in 2019 but not forgotten. Over the years I have used it as a secondary e-reader for downloaded books, tried to recycle with Amazon but they returned it back for some weird reason I don't recollect now, turned it into a literary clock, experimented with KUAL and add-ons, tried to get my wife to use it with overwhelming failure and until most recently, I was running it as a digital clock with pyClock, which I do not recommend because of how it consumes battery really quickly. I was gonna try turn it into a weather station but learning how difficult it was to stick the Kindle on the wall on a temporary basis (the 3M velcro strips don't hold for long and I wasn't keen on a permanent solution), the need to charge it once in a while and also out here in the suburbs, the weather info is never that accurate. A heavy rain in the heart of the city is a piss in the wind out here. Anyway, I digress. This Kindle Touch has been through a lot but as it stands, it will always be a subject of my whimsical experiments and never be used as the solid e-reader it is.

I could recycle it at Best Buy but the device worked fine without any issues. The battery doesn't show any sign of wearing down and all it has to show for wear and tear is some minor scratches on the frame so I thought of donating it and my library seemed like a good option. Maybe they can find some patron who is looking for an e-reader, you know? The library responded quickly and informed that they could use the device for their digital help hour that offers assistance to people using digital devices. E-readers included. That seemed infinitely better than sitting idle on my desk as paperweight and thus the Kindle Touch is now the property of my library where it will continue to be useful to somebody.