Cutting down fat apps

I blame it all on Fractal. Had not this abomination of an application activated a wind tunnel in the innards of my laptop whenever it gained focus, I wouldn’t have settled on Gomuks as my preferred Matrix client. In my futile search for a way to display images in full resolution within Gomuks, I found Kitty terminal emulator which had tabs so that became a replacement for alacritty. Tootle was fine as a mastodon client but I couldn’t resist the tempation to go back to the lightweight toot tui now that it can be tucked away in a tab. Although Firefox and Evolution compete regularly for the top slot in being a memory hog, there’s no viable replacement for those yet. That left NewsFlash as one other software in use regularly and having heard good things about Newsboat, I made the jump. Only to realize that there’s no way to make it work with FreshRSS. So FreshRSS had to go and Miniflux became the replacement. This had an added benefit of RAM usage on the Pi dropping drastically! 🎉️. This excellent tutorial on Newsboat by Hund helped a lot in setting up Newsboat. Just enough to get one started without getting bogged down by the vast documentation.

The TUI applications take some getting used to but they perform much better than their GUI counterparts. They are a relief in this Electron and Flatpak infested application world. Alan Pope sums it up nicely with these words:

So while modern applications may well look pretty, I think I’ll always find these text-only applications more alluring, simply because they can do so much with seemingly so little.

Day 81 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload

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