Crash of Cars

As recently as January I used to have over 36 games on my iPhone. After the great culling in February, its down to 4 and there’s only one game I even open in some 10 minutes I am on the throne. Crash of Cars.


Crown Mode There are many maps and at one time we can choose any 6 of those for multiplayer game. The maps keep rotating every 4 hours and there are different network regions based on different regions - Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, South Korea, China, USA East, Japan, USA West, Canada East and India. We can choose any region and the connection strength varies depending on which part of the globe we are in.

The Crown Mode lets us amass crowns and shoot any other cars in the map. Every other car in the map is an enemy. We fight for the crowns and avoid being killed. There are plenty of cars to choose from. Some cars have their own special powers which gets activated in the game when collecting mystery boxes. These mystery boxes also hold regular weapons which activate only for a short period of time. Some of the maps have hidden areas upon entering which it gives us hidden cars. There are only few cars which are worth using it in the game if we want to avoid dying early. I prefer the one called Shadow (in the picture above). Its not the fastest but it’s faster than most cars and can disable shields on other cars. Super handy in the fights. The speed and shield piercing comes at a cost. Any hit from other cars makes it lose control and become unresponsive for a brief second during which we are most vulnerable.

Skirmish Mode No defensive weapons in this mode. Some cars have defensive capabilities like dropping health, mines, oil or deploying shield which are not allowed in this mode and killing an opponent gets us extra crowns.

Private Match We can create a private room for our friends to play if we don’t want to play with strangers. The private matches are the only place where we can play TDMs and Crash Ball along with regular Crown Mode. I usually play by myself with online players so haven’t been able to play this mode yet.

Progress in game

When we amass 100 crowns, we can exchange those for a prize in the Prize Machine. It might be a new car or an upgrade to the car which gives us Prestige that will unlock new weaponry to use in the game. As we upgrade cars, we get gems which can be used in the Rare, Epic and Legendary Machines next to the Prize Machine for cars or upgrades like body color or weapons. There are daily missions to earn extra crowns and a lab where we can mix different cars to produce a mix which has all the properties of those mixed cars. The advantage of gaining a new car has the disadvantage of losing all the cars that went in the mix which we have to earn it back from the slot machines (Prize, Rare, Epic and Legendary). We can choose to buy gems with real money to advance in the game but earning crowns is not so hard. This free game does come with annoying ads but that can be removed by any single purchase of gems. The lowest pack of 20 gems sells for $1.99.

I was planning to upload one of my game session on Peertube but was not able to transfer the video from iPhone to the laptop 🤦‍♂️️. I will update this post once the video is up.

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