Cooking musings

No, I am not cooking musings. That would be terrible. This is me musing about cooking. I suck at cooking. When Shen describes his cooking in this episode and here, I find myself nodding in agreement. A 60 minute effort to cook something that gets over in 5 minutes and leaves me with a mountain of dishes and utensils in the sink annoys me a lot.

Here’s a helpful little graph

                 |               +-------+
                 |               |       |
                 |               |       |
Sink Capacity +--+               |       |
                 |               |       |
                 |               |       |
                 |  +-------+    |       |
                 |  |       |    |       |

                    Before        After
                    Cooking       Cooking

I like Bhindi (Okra) but every time I have tried cooking it in the past, it comes out unevenly cooked, burnt or I spend hours just trying to make it not taste raw. Little did I know I didn’t have the right tool for it. More accurately, a cast iron pan. The bhindi I made yesterday came out so well with the least amount of effort that I was very happy. It’s a pain in the butt to clean and maintain the cast iron pan but internet tells me that with proper care and attention it will last many years. Our tools need love just like everything else.

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