I have a digital botanical garden running on the shared linux server, since 2020. This is my second garden since the first died due to negligence. The garden starts with a seed that needs to be watered every day at least once. The seed can survive without water for 5 days, after which it dies and you need to start over from scratch. You also start over with a new seed and next generation when the plant is harvested after it reaches maturity. There are other gardens besides mine (belonging to different users on the server), and all these gardens can be watered by any user, if they are so inclined. I used to water every active garden whenever I logged in for the day but it was an exercise in futility where my efforts weren't reciprocated. My second garden has somehow survived for 22 generations. I haven't kept a detailed record of all the generations but here's one from the 4th generation and the current one.

4th generation - July 1, 2021
22nd generation - April 18, 2022