Reading List

Inspired by Justin Vollmer

I also track my reading list on Bookwyrm

Interpreting this list
  • There is one book per line
  • Only books I finish appear on the list and get a sequential number
  • Each line is in the format TITLE by AUTHOR (COMPLETION DATE in DD/MM/YYYY)
    • + denotes e-book
    • ^ denotes a re-read
    • Bold title denotes a book I recommend


  1. The Three-Body Problem+ by Cixin Liu; 390pp (08/12/2020)
  2. Opt Out+ by Rory Price; 275pp (09/12/2020)


  1. Books and Bone+ by Victoria Corva; 378pp (31/01/2021)
  2. Synthesis: Pioneer+ by Rexx Deane; 17pp (05/02/2021)
  3. Synthesis: Weave+ by Rexx Deane; 575pp (30/03/2021)
  4. Synthesis: Weave² Afterglow+ by Rexx Deane; 633pp (10/04/2021)
  5. Denial+ by Toby Weston; 257pp (19/04/2021)
  6. Opt Out+^ by Rory Price; 275pp (07/06/2021)
 The Three-Body Problem.  Opt Out.  Books & Bone.  Synthesis: Pioneer.  Synthesis: Weave.  Synthesis: Weave² Afterglow.  Denial.