Bark twice for eggs

Going in to this challenge of 100 days to offload, I knew I cannot keep up with a post everyday and it felt good to take a day or two off. I am glad the rules of the challenge has changed a bit that takes the pressure off from most of us. One should feel the want to write rather than being compelled to. On that note, I wanted to share a little nugget about my boys.

The other day I was making omelette late in the evening. The boys love the eggs and were constantly on my tail in the kitchen. I turn left. They turn left. I turn right. They turn right. I move towards the trashcan to throw the eggshells and they follow. And so on. Now, I do make them their plain omelettes once in a while but today they were well fed and had a chance to play a lot in the yard. By all means, they should be tired as fuck and sleeping but here they were following me around to get a piece of that omelette. I sat down on my couch with the plate and the younger one promptly climbs up, nestles himself against the couch and my shoulder, lets out this tiny little bark as if asking me for a bite and slightly pushes on my shoulder with his tiny little feet 🤣️. It’s amazing how expressive these guys can be when they want to. Oh the older one is not as vocal or expressive as the younger one but he was saying a lot with his big pleading eyes. So I relented and made them their plain omelette. Only then did they decide to call it a day and sleep 😄️.

Day 18 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload