And on the 5th day I opened my laptop

Feeling a little better to open up the laptop and read stuff that happened this week. The blog posts that kept on coming. News items and articles kept popping all week and I kept starring them to catch up with them. Read some. Marked most as Read.

I woke up with weird dreams yesterday. There was a dream wherein I died because of COVID-19. I have been sick on and off and I can’t go to test for COVID-19 because the symptoms are not that severe and the best advice every doctor is gonna give is to self-quarantine. Another dream was related to my former workplace. I had to (involuntarily) quit late in March because of work permit issue (thanks Coronavirus). We had our second PI planning back in January and if I were still with them and Coronavirus wasn’t anywhere on the horizon, I would have attended the third one in April. That wasn’t meant to be though. Anyway, the dream. I dreamed that I was attending the third PI planning and I am waiting for someone in the hotel lobby but they never arrive 🙄️. The wait went on forever and then I woke up.

Called my folks back in India in the morning. They were happy to hear their grandchild laugh and babble. They have seen her only in photos and we would have made the trip to India later this year with her but its risky now considering the pandemic.

I found these Rabbits on my timeline today. I am so taken in by their philosophy on building software and amazed at how they live their life on a sailboat. And they have detailed posts about Japan! Currently playing around with their text editor Left. So many great design ideas in their apps and games.

Day 15 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload