Amfora Gruvbox Dark theme

The Gruvboxification of terminal apps goes full steam ahead. The current Gruvbox theme for Amfora was a bit dull so I made one of my own. If the page has lot of gemini and external links, quotes, code, lists and all three levels of headlines, the page is gonna look reaaaallly colorful.

I built on the existing Gruvbox theme for Amfora and limited my color palette to the gruvbox palette for vim. The older theme didn’t account for background, tab, tab divider, bottom bar - label, text and background but the new theme does. Although I couldn’t figure out what element does ‘fg’ aka foreground refer to, I have included it anyway in an approximation looking at other themes. Apart from my Gruvbox Dark, I love the recently included atelier-forest theme.

A PR has been submitted and I hope it gets approved soon. In the meantime, if you geminauts fancy a Gruvbox Dark theme for Amfora, snag it here. This is my amfora config file. Look for the [theme] section and copy everything listed under Gruvbox Dark theme to your config.toml.

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