A scare and a scar

Back in 2020 during the height of pandemic, I was down with an ailment. A strange pain in my abdomen. It felt like some muscle ache that just won't go away. I couldn't sit properly nor could I sleep and it kept getting worse. So I drove to the hospital, got checked out from head to toe, even got an abdominal CT scan done but the doctors found nothing.

Last month I had a deja vu of sorts when the pain came back but a 100 times worse. It felt as if my intestines were getting ripped out. I passed out twice in a space of 5 minutes because of the pain and when I couldn't even move on my own, had to rely on 911 for medial attention. This time they found a kidney stone. A 2.5 mm stone, that scraped the walls of the tube on its way to the bladder. I had no idea what was happening in 2020. Maybe the stone was tiny enough back then and I passed it without even realizing but this time around it was in my bladder by the time I got out of the hospital.

For couple of days, I could feel a slight ache going down the tube. The doctor did say its gonna time some time to heal while the kidney is working round the clock. Naturally, I had to increase my water intake and I am currently at a little more than 64 oz daily. Plus an increase in fiber in my diet. I do not want to go through that agonizing pain ever again.

Nowadays, my watch is happy with the uptick in steps count with the frequent bio breaks alone.