A dicey situation

Last week daughter dearest sought me out and handed over 3 dice from the board game Wingspan. A second of utter bewilderment passed over and then I gathered myself and went over to check the dining table. You see, the board game was kept on the dining table so that its away from her reach. Apparently, my genius idea had failed. As I examined the scene, I deduced two things. She had pulled the bench from under the table, climbed over the bench to reach the dining table without making any kind of noise, and that two dice were missing. Half proud of her deeds and half worried, I questioned her about the missing dices but she feigned igorance and left the crime scene to annoy the boys. It was apparent that she had not swallowed it otherwise she would have been in distress. I searched high and low in the house, in all the pots, under the furniture, between the cushions, in the bathroom, over the kitchen counter, in the food bowl of Ollie and Oreo, in their bed, dropped the remaining dices from the dining table multiple times to do a dummy test and followed their scatter path to find the possible direction the dices may have rolled to, searched in the mess on the pantry floor but found nothing and ended up organizing the stuff there, went behind the tv stand and unintentionally cleaned the cob webs in the process and finally in a last ditch attempt, took out the trash bag from the can and was sorting through it when my wife walks in and shows me those two damn missing dices.

“WT…Where did you find this!?”

“In her pocket.”


At least the pantry is organized now.

Day 95 - Join Me in #100DaysToOffload