3 months later

Back after a 3 month hiatus. I don’t know if I am really back but I do feel like writing tonight. Might as well file it under 100 days to offload.

For the last 3 months I was moping around, going with the flow, lurking around fosstodon, barely tooting, boosting a lot, riding the mood swings of despair, hope and disappointment, really trying to hold myself together by learning about Gemini, refreshing my knowledge on R, learning Spanish and Japanese and helping out more in the kitchen. Quit twitter because it was all just gloom and doom. The political situation back home in India keeps getting worse and everybody’s idea of improving things is by cracking a joke or making a meme about it. It was time to pull the trigger and I don’t miss it one bit.

Had to rush to the ER last week because of a weird pain in the lower left abdomen which kept increasing slowly for a week until it reached a point where I couldn’t even get up from the bed on my own. The nurses drew blood, took urine sample, took x-rays and CAT scan of my abdomen and left me in the waiting room for an hour to worry about the outcome. When the doctor finally walked in with my report and furrowed brows, I was so sure that he wanted to remove my kidney that I asked him if it’s the kidney, and he said No, sorry it’s not the kidneys. So it’s a serious hernia then? Not that either. Gall bladder? No. Pancreas? No. Ulcer? No. He let me exhaust my knowledge of human anatomy and then revealed that he doesn’t know. There’s nothing wrong with any of the organs, I am not diabetic, there’s no abnormal growth, a 2 cm hernia at the navel but that’s not serious, and I had a normal WBC count. He prescribed me some pain medication for the time being. He thinks I might have pulled a muscle but if the pain is back in the same area I will have to see a gastroenterologist. The CAT scan can’t see what goes on inside the intestines. I have been feeling better thankfully after taking the medicine and do hope that it stays that way. I am already bracing myself for a gut punch from the medical bills for this little ER visit even with an insurance.

Converted to Arch from Elementary in the past three weeks. I really thought I would stick with Elementary till I die but my hard disk got corrupt and took with it lots of cherished photos. That triggered a backup frenzy of /home (thankfully it was on the SSD) and while I was at it, decided to give Arch a try. The Anarchy installer made it very easy to install Arch but kept running into weird issues and GTK apps looked sooo ugly. Installed Artix fresh with Sway window manager instead of i3, and I am quite happy with how it turned out. Made a conscious decision of avoiding Snap and Flatpak. I have my silly reason for not liking Snap. The loop devices it creates. And Flatpak well…. Arch User Repository is simply the best when it comes to installing any application.

Currently, listening to KONPEITO. It’s located in the geminiverse and you will need a Gemini browser to download it. I joined the tildeverse at envs.net to carve my space in the geminiverse. I am so laid back in maintaining a proper blog on the WWW but Gemini is so refreshing and is full of good content without any crap!

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